Targ de vinuri


Dangerous waste is industrial waste containing substances which can be a threat to the health or to the life of people or can affect the fauna and vegetation. This waste includes: some heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury etc.), corrosive waste, chemical waste, explosives, slam waste, mud, contaminated earth, oil residues, equipment with PCB, asbestos waste, flammable waste or radioactive tar waste, resins, pesticides.

Usually these substances must be treated before storage, then they must be stored in order to prevent an accidental discharge in the air, earth or hydrographic network.

We currently provide authorized collecting, recycling, temporary storage, treatment, incineration and destruction services for special regime and expired products. .

For the optimization of costs we provide multiple waste transport alternatives with ADR homologated vehicles:
- Lorries with AbrollKipper system and mobile containers of 30 mc,
- trains with tarpaulin - 40 tones,
- utility cars ADR - 3,5 tones,
- tipping lorries ADR - 35 tones,
- loading equipment,

According to the authorization no. 334 from 08.12.2008 the company can develop the following activities:
- CAEN 4941 Road transport of goods  
- CAEN 3811 Collecting non-dangerous waste
- CAEN 3812 Collecting dangerous waste
- CAEN 3831 Dismantling (disassembling) cars and decommissioned equipment for recovering materials
- CAEN 3832 Recovering sorted recyclable materials
- CAEN 4677 Wholesale of waste and residues
- CAEN 4676 Wholesale of other intermediate products  
- CAEN 3900 Decontamination activities and services  

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